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Forerunner 225, first device with an optical heart rate sensor

Posted on: 01 Jul, 2015

Garmin have announced the new Garmin Forerunner 225 GPS running watch which has a wrist based heart rate monitor to help improve aerobic fitness. In the simplest possible terms, the FR225 is basically a FR220 running watch with an optical HR sensor stuffed inside.


This Forerunner 225 is the first GPS sports watch in the Garmin range to include an optical heart rate sensor. It is an accurate heart rate monitoring without the need of a chest strap. The HR data is picked up from the blood pump under the skin using powerful green LED’s. Garmin have incorporated Mio‘s fantastic strapless optical heart rate sensor in to the this GPS sports watch.

The 225 has a built-in accelerometer.  it allows to capture distance and pace data when you are running on an indoor track or treadmill. It even doubles as an activity tracker¹, counting the steps and calories you burn all day. Besides that, it will remind you to move if you have been sitting for more than an hour. When you get that cue to move, just walk for a couple of minutes to reset the inactivity indicator.

The Forerunner 225 colorful display shows your heart rate zone at a glance:

Zone 1 – Active Recovery
Light recovery running which barely qualifies as exercise and is mainly suitable for recovery between high intensity interval training.

Zone 2 – Aerobic Threshold
Still a comfortable level but useful for beginning to build aerobic fitness, endurance and burning fat. You should run in Zone 2 more than any other zone.

Zone 3 – Tempo
This is a faster running pace and should be slightly faster than your natural jogging pace.

Zone 4 – Sub Lactate Threshold
Is a running intensity that requires conscious effort to go fast but is still comfortable, it’s close to the intensity associated with endurance running.

Zone 5 – Lactate Anaerobic Threshold
This is the most stressful of the heart rate zones and is when lactic acid starts to accumulate in the blood stream. You won’t be able to sustain running in this zone for very long but it’s a powerful fitness booster.

 If you require a mid-level GPS running watch with heart rate monitoring built-in the 225 is ideal. Please do not hesitate to visit our Malaysia Garmin sport watch store page if you want to get one on your wrist.


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